Barakacity in Gaza, into the floods

Par Al-Kanz

After the strong floods which struck Gaza, the humanitarian Barakacity association is ready to get down to work to help the victims.

barakacity à gaza
/Gaza under waters – ©Barakacity

Gaza is under waters. The last rains caused floods and increased the already big difficulties of thousand families, parked by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

It’s after the storm of last Wednesday and the snowfalls that the floods began. Since then, 40 000 families were evacuated to avoid the worst.
The humanitarian Barakacity association sent on the spot a team to help the victims.

« Our families of Gaza live a rough period. Floods, humidities, epidemics, cold, blockade… »

« In Gaza, the situation is serious. Gazaouis are moved and led in schools and mosques. »

« GAZA: Distribution of meals for the victims: breads, soup of lens and Hummus of the menu. May Allah reward you! »

Gaza under waters. »

« Our families of Gaza live a rough period. Floods, humidities, epidemics, cold, blockade… »

« On the spot, our team participates in the evacuation of the stricken populations of Gaza + Taking care of families. »

« Sabran sabran ya Ahl al Shâm! May Allah add them faith.
Photo: our families of Gaza find refuge in schools. »

In Gaza, your donations are distributed in foodstuffs for the victims.

To help Gaza, donate please : Help Gaza – Barakacity.

(Translated from French by Aïcha : Barakacity à Gaza, dans les inondations)

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