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Fisabili-Llâh Discount

Fisabillilah discount. Our beloved Brother Baba Ali covered this topic very well. How can our institutions and businesses survive if we are not willing to pay the fair price? I try my best to stay away from the bartering and guilt talk when it comes to my art. I will offer discounts but don’t ask me for them. I will donate paintings to charity but I will give on my own terms. Don’t try to make me feel bad like one sister. “This costs too much.” It didn’t cost too much for everybody else. This item cost less than the many DVDs she owes or the clothes she has in her closet. I notice that when it comes to things like art and writing, everyone wants something for free or at a huge discount. One organization wanted to use 10 of my paintings to decorate for a fundraising event. So I put together a contract staying that any damages to my work will be paid by the organization, so will the shipping and handling. Plus, the organization had to pay to use them. After all, it’s a whole bunch of paintings. After that, I got no response. The words contract and fees are a great way to determine how serious a client is. Your product and services are important and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t ask a non-Muslim to sell you their product for less. Why do that to your brother and sisters in Islam?

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