Aissatou: support from China, Tunisia, Taiwan, and elsewhere

Par Al-Kanz

Support messages are flowing on Twitter, from France and elsewhere. Even from China.

avec Aissatou depuis l'Espagne
With Aissatou, from Spain – via @CCIF

Earlier yesterday, we launched a small campaign of support for Aissatou, the young girl who was assaulted on August, 12 because she was a veiled Muslim, and who is today in a hospital bed after attempting to her life in an act of despair.

Read: #AvecAissatou – All with you Aissatou

Yesterday, @Tortue joined other Twitter users by posting a tweet with the hashtag #AvecAissatou and a cute message… in Chinese:

“@Tortue: Message from Taiwan to show support to Aissatou, in Chinese for more originality ;)”

If you’re abroad and post a note for Aissatou, let us know. And again, thanks for her.

French footballer Jacques Faty – who used to play for Bastia before moving to China – posted a picture in solidarity with Aissatou:

“@JacquesFaty: Having you’re back sister, get well soon. (Pic – Be strong sister.)”

Messages for Aissatou are starting to flood Twitter from all over the world. Following a post from Tunisia:

“@Um_Zahra06: May God protect you sister, we’re thinking of you even from the other side of the Mediterranean sea :) (Pic – Hold on Aissatou, we’re thinking hard of you, live from Tunisia!)”

Even The Muslim Show joins:

Muslimshow avec Aissatou

“We’re all with you Aissatou!”

From Algeria:

“@Adsalyes: prayers from Algeria. (Pic – May God apease your heart, amen. Thoughts from Algiers.)”

From Belgium:

Muslim Rangers de Bruxelles avec Aissatou
Via @CHZaki

“Muslim Rangers: May God’s strength be with you!”

From UK:

“@Pmous79: support from London: We’re all with you Aissatou!”

From China, with the French footballer Frédéric Kanouté.

From United Arab Emirates

From Senegal

From Reunion Island

From Duba

From Florida (United States of America)

avec Aissatou depuis la Floride USA

From Finland

From Poland

Translated from Aïssatou, soutenue en Chine, en Tunisie, à Taïwan et ailleurs by @AmmounAAY

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