#AvecAissatou : All with you Aissatou

Par Al-Kanz

Aissatou – attacked on the 12th of August, 2013 because of her hijab – is today in a serious condition after trying to commit suicide. Let’s show her support to help her recover a taste for life.

pray for you Aissatou

Monday, 12th of August, 2013. Aissatou, a 16 year old teenager, is assaulted by two men because of her veil, because she is Muslim. Friday, 23rd of August, 2013. Aissatou is hospitalized after an overdose of painkillers given by her doctor following the assault. Monday, 26th of August, 2013. Aissatou throws herself from the 4th floor’s window of a building in Trappes.

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On Monday, before that act of despair, newspaper Liberation reports that Aissatou texted two of her friends.

“Salam. It’s been a few weeks that I’m obviously not doing good. But well, I always have to hide it. You’re like a sister to me. I can’t take it anymore, I don’t have any more hope, they’re trying to break me down, I’ve reached the bottom. The police commissioner, I feel like he’s doing anything to not help me. I’m sorry.”

Choosing to take your life when you’re 16 is all but voluntary. Attempting on your life when you’re 16 and know that suicide is not allowed in Islam proves the psychological pressure, the huge despair, the deep distress. As C.P. wrote here, the “death vertigo of the depressed believer” pushed a child who just wanted to be a woman.

Aissatou threw herself from the window. She is today in a serious condition. She already was, psychologically. Now she is in her flesh. This dramatic event shouldn’t become a man-bites-dog story. Staying silent would mean burying Aissatou even deeper. So here is what we suggest; if you feel like concretely supporting, sending love and showing solidarity to that young girl and her family, write her a small and heartwarming message on a piece of paper.

London with Aissatou

Then take a picture of your message and post it on Twitter under the hashtag #AvecAissatou [With Aissatou, in French]. She’ll be able to read your words, see your pictures and hopefully feel less isolated. Try to imagine her astonishment when after getting out of the operating room her family will show her all those proofs of solidarity from all over the world.

Write anything you like – even if small – just write. Help us ease up her burden. Following are two suggestions, one in French and the second in English.

Translated in English by @AmmounAAY

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Vos réactions (13 commentaires)

  1. Al Zahraa    

    Salam, très bel article, l’anglais de Amoon est poignant :)

    Je voulais juste remarquer une petite faute de frappe dans l’accroche : « after an attempt on her(his) life »

    et aussi le fait qu’à la fin on parle de deux suggestions : l’une en français et l’autre en anglais alors qu’on ne présente qu’un message en anglais. Voili voilà..

    FÉLICITATIONS pour votre premier article en anglais !!!! J’ai hâte que Al-Kanz.org devienne bilingue :D

    Wa assalamou aleykoum wa rahmatulah

  2. Sofiane    

    Asalam Alaykum,

    Congrats Al Kanz for your first english written post !
    Really looking forward to read again new interesting posts.

    Wa Asalam Alaykum

  3. Hengki Herwanto    

    Ini adalah ujian untuk umat Islam.

  4. rukhsana    

    Salaamoleikum we are all thinking of you …These are our tests fromAllah
    S.w.t you are a very brave girl do not give up
    Keep in touch
    Allahhaafiz xxxx

  5. khadijah    

    asalam alaikum my dear sister may Allah (swt) ease your burden and make your healing a quick and positive one. My prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time in your young life.

  6. Busra    

    Allah always test those that are closest to the Almighty…don’t despair u are an inspiration to all Muslim woman in France…I lobe on Scotland and reading this makes me feel sick….be strong and we are all with u..may Allah swt give u the strength and imaan to carry on…hugs and duas for u xx

  7. Sarah    

    Be strong sister, u are in all our dua’s


  8. Zaynab    

    Salam. We are all with u Sister and Allah Sob7anah is always with You. In’sha’Allah you want to feel better. My prayers are with you :)

  9. Afif Hossain    

    Hello sis,

    These are difficult times for all of us. By saying ‘I understand your hardship’ wouldn’t really mean I do, I can only imagine how devastating it must have been. :( All I could say is, you are not alone. Please don’t lose hope sis.

    May this horrible event only occupy a ‘distant nightmare’ memory in your life. Hope you are well now. :) Take care.

  10. nazma    

    asa. Allah is with u and we the Muslim ummah are with u. i pray that u gt well soon inshallah. dnt ever give up. xxx

  11. Asma    

    Thank you for raising awareness about this incident and promoting the idea. Beautifully written article. May Allah swt protect Aissatou and help her get through this difficult time. Asma – Sydney. Australia.

  12. Sarah    

    I hope u get well soon… May Allah give u the strength to pull through & live a full & happy life isa…

  13. Sofiah Nadhirah    

    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, sis..
    You are truly a strong and brave young girl. Keep your faith and His bless will always be with you. Don’t lose hope.. I hope you will get better soon. Please don’t give up, Aissatou.. May Allah protect you..
    :’) Take good care of yourself


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