A Saudian Shaykh invites to not eat chicken Doux, Tilly-Sabco, KFC and others

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In 2011, some Muslims consumers were careful to interview a Saudi scholar internationally recognized, in the case of Doux.

Doux : faux halal à La Mecque
Fake halal in Makkah (Saudi Arabia)

The report of Feurat Alani and Florent Chevollau released on October 11 on french tv channel “Canal +“ has shown. Since many years several manufacturers rely on  AFCAI certification body to certify their production without control. 

In doing so, these manufacturersdisclaim requirements of halal and use of processes in total contradiction with Islamic principles.

However, these companies export millions of tonnes (gross tonage) in Muslim countries, like Doux or Tilly-Sabco, which boastful a few days ago, happy with the figure achieved (benefits done) through its non-halalchickens sold to Muslims abroad. We will return in cha’a-llah in a future article.

Since many years now, non-halal chickens Doux flood Saudi Arabia. The Saudian like all pilgrims who visit Mecca for the hajj, have used and continue to eat non-halal chickens. Because they can’t no longer bear the situation as shameful as scandalous, some Muslims consumers were careful to interview a Saudi scholar internationally recognized, in the case of Doux. Majarrah a reader of Al-Kanz, forwarded us the audio response (answer) of the Sheikh, and its transcription.

An important precision: Doux is a supplier of KFC restaurants, which make believed to Muslims for many years that their chickens are halal, and this is not the case, even if the SFCVH Mosque of Paris, where KFC has gone seeking a certificate, is also trying to lead consumers to make believe those who contacted them by phone.

However, many Muslims, especially those who follow mainly or exclusively religious opinions from saudian scholars eat at KFC restaurants or Quick by advancing pieces of fatwas that do not correspond to reality. Consider the case of mechanical slaughter. Some scholars who were asked the question of its legality stated what use was acceptable. However, these same scholars prohibit electronarcosis before slaughtering. 

However, it is impossible to slaughter mechanically thousands of animals without using electrical stunning (electronarcosis). By prohibiting the electronarcosis, these scholars prohibit the mechanical slaughtering


By telling a pieces of fatwas, these Muslims by their appearance who wear(qamis, beard, hijab, jilbab, etc..) Reinforce the less religious Muslims,and despite them they are the best promoters of fake halal. We hope that the fatwa of Shaykh Rajih will put their mind in place and cease to be the allies of the industrial who do not care about the halal rules, but not the huge profits they reached. 

Now the following transcript, by brother Majarrah, the response of the Shaykh, who has a doctorate in Sharia and teacher at the Islamic University in Riyadh and has been for over 40 years one of the leading students of Shaykh Ibn Baz (rahimahu-llah).

Question: We live in France and we have seen recently on French television broadcast of a documentary devoted to the production of halal meat in France. Our biggest surprise was learning that a great company – one that raises the question mentions the name of the company – Their leaders are non-Muslims…

Break of Shaykh: How to trust them they are not Muslims?

Continuation of the question: This company sells chickens by claiming that they are halaal, but it then appeared that did not make the killing chickens according to Islamic rituals, and no method of the controller slaughter was present in its buildings. She claims to be controlled by an Islamic association, but it turns out that the director of this association is not only unknown, but most of the time he is absent, and that it has in reality no controller of the method of slaughter.
This documentary has also learned us that the company imported his animals in several Gulf countries, and particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We expect you to send us indications to eradicate this great evil, Barak-llahu fikum.

Answer by Shaykh: In any case, it is certain that the Prophet صلى اهللا عليه وسلم said:
 »Get away which raises the suspicion in you and brings up what does not raise the » you owe and stay away from what you seem questionable to direct you to do what is no. If the company produces in you doubts, get away from it, and praise be to Allah. The meat must be purchased only from known butchers, and you can also buy a beast and sacrifice yourself. In case of doubt, stay away, its your responsibility between you and Allah in the aim of Preserving your religion and your honor.

Question: What advice can you give to major trading this meat?

Response of the Shaykh: Merchants (dealer) must be import the meat from a trusted company, and known to sacrifice his animals according to Islamic rites, there is no doubt about this.
Muslims have an obligation to import only the beasts on which they were certain they were slaughtered according to Islamic rites, namely: use a sharp instrument, cut the carotid arteries and the esophagus, empty beast of blood, mention the name of Allah, be a person of the People of the Book or a Muslim. 
These conditions must be met.

Listen to Shaykh Raji’ (mp3) : Shaykh Raji’ about chicken Doux, Tolly-Sabco, etc.

Translated from french by Hedi (source : Un cheikh saoudien invite à ne pas manger les poulets Doux et donc chez KFC)

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