New fatwa against chicken Doux, KFC, Carrefour, Tilly-Sabco and others

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Halalgate. Chickens sold at KFC restaurants are not halal, as are the Doux chicken that is not halal.

Nouvelle fatwa contre les poulets Doux, KFC, Carrefour et assimilés

Halalgate. Chickens sold at KFC restaurants are not halal, as are the Doux chicken that is not halal. In late February 2011  we were at Gulfood, in Dubai gulfood is an international exhibition for food industry.

We met Odri Guy, CEO of Doux Group, before hunt us out of his stand he clearly recognized that the chickens have gone through electronarcosis and slaughtered mechanically

Meat solded at Quick, either, weren’t halal, as clearly exposed in 2010 by the mosque of Evry and Paris(see In the mosques of Evry and Paris, is Quick not halal). As for Carrefour Halal products the world number 2 in the supermarket decided to publicly  declared/take the systematic mechanics slaughtering

In 2010, a few weeks after sending us a first fatwa (legal opinion) condemning the use of electrical stunning and mechanical slaughter Majarrah,a reader Al-Kanz,sent us one second fatwa, podcast.

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The first fatwa was issued by the Sheikh Rajih. This new one by Sheik Abd Al-‘Aziz al-Shaykh, mufti of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the permanent Committee for Scientific Research and Ifta* and chairman of the Assembly of great scholars. You will find it below. Here are some conditions about the conditions of this fatwa:

- The question was asked on Sunday 1st Dhul-Hijjah 1431, corresponding to November 7, 2010, just after the course given by the sheikh at Ibn Baz mosque (Mecca). This mosque is attended by Muslims from France before performing their pilgrimage, ibn baz mosque is  famous and well known for hosting many scholars course  before the hajj starting. That day, the assistance included several French pilgrims.

– The question has been asked to Sheikh without precision of  slaughtering method. It was only precise that the slaughtering method wasnt conform (compliant) with Islamic rites.  sheikh answered by referring one of the non-compliant method in this case  slaughter by strangulation. The answer of Sheikh applies to any method of haram  slaughtering(forbidden), as is the mechanical slaughter.

– The second part of the answer of the sheikh is an answer of caution., a scholar answer according to the evidence (information) provided in the question submitted to him. It is in this respect to be cautious and not take for granted what he says. Hence the conditional. Add a right of reservation requires the sheikh to stand by the statements measured.


Question: We lives in France and we have recently watched on French television a documentary devoted to the production of halal meat in France.
Our biggest surprise was learning that a large company sells chickens, claiming that they are halal, but it appeared that she did not carry out the killing of chickens according to Islamic rites, and that ‘no controller method of slaughter was present in its buildings. In addition, the company imports its animals in the Gulf, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We hope that you can give us your views on this.

Answer: First, it should be noted that the food of the People of the Book (Ahl al-Kitab) we are permitted, as Allah said: « You are permitted food of the people of the Book, and your food is lawful for them. » (Surah 5, Verse 5), « food » here means « slaughtered. » We conclude and animals slaughtered by the People of the Book is lawful we, as the animals we slaughter for them are allowed. It is also known that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم fed on what had been prepared by the Jews: when a Jewish woman offered him a dish containing meat, and a Jew gave him a loaf of barley which was melted animal fat, he ate it.
However, if it is found that the killing [performed by that company] is done for example by strangulation*, that is another matter: if the slaughter of animals is carried out according to the rite legislated in Islam, Allah has certainly allowed to consume, but if the slaughter is carried out under conditions contrary to Islamic rites, such as being put to death by strangling the animal, but in his case it’s totally different. 
What is known at present, and Allah knows best, this slaughter is generally performed in accordance with Islamic rites, because much research has been conducted on this subject by Al-Hay’ah (the assembly of great scholars of Saudi Arabia). And what results from this research is that the basis is the permission, as an item does not show with certainty that the slaughter of this company is not done according to Islamic rites.

To listen to the question and answer by Sheikh, click the following link: Do not eat chicken doubtful

The last sentence of the fatwa is interesting in that it fully illustrates the reality of today: the mechanical slaughter, as performed in the sites of production of chickens Doux,Carrefour, etc. Is not Islamically acceptable. Unless there is a discrepancy, which benefits the false halal, between the principles governing halal and those who managed to make believe both the government authorities in Muslim countries and consumers themselves that their methods are conform (standard) with the Islamic ritual.

Nouvelle fatwa contre les poulets Doux, KFC, Carrefour et assimilés
Poulet abattu mécaniquement estampillé halal

Once again, we realize how much the industry working for their own benefit and do not care about the interests of both their employees as France. 

1) To employees: Muslim countries are becoming more sensitive to foreign companies that import home. United Arab Emirates, for example, some French companies are not welcome because of their partnership with a particular certification body. Other companies are now clearly at risk. Rather than comply with the rules, yet simple governing halal, they prefer the halal marketcounterfeit, with the risk of being blacklisted in the near future, leading to France, in some cases, the dismissal of several hundred employees.

2) From France: we keep saying for years. The halal is an opportunity for France. Our country has an industrial and a large Muslim population, two it takes to become a flagship global halal market. Instead, the French are halal, abroad, more and more the object of suspicion and even rejection. Leaving the field open to malpractice and businesses who have chosen the wrong strategy halal, policy makers involved in the abandonment of the economy of our country. So far, so good… but the important thing is not falling, it’s landing.

* The position of the IFTA is very clear: according to the principles outlined by the council of scholars, culling as practiced notably by Doux, Carrefour and suppliers of Quick is not acceptable Islamically speaking. 

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Translated from French by Hedi (source : Nouvelle fatwa contre les poulets Doux, KFC, Carrefour et assimilés)

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