Syrian are not Palestinian

Par Al-Kanz

Indignation with variable geometry and variable geography: one of the great misfortunes of the Syrians is that their tormentor is not Israel.

Les Syriens ne sont pas palestiniens
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We know it for years, we see it regularly. It’s better that his tormentor is Israeli and that victims are Palestinian, if possible from Gaza. Die massacred by tanks when you are Afghan, Chechen, Uighur, Iraqi or Syrian Kazakh hardly deserves our attention. Not to mention all the other non Muslim minorities who die daily in the bullets of the army or the police, the Tamils, the Copts, the Tibetans.

Indignation with variable geometry and variable geography: one of the great misfortunes of the Syrians is that their tormentor is not Israel. A few hundred miles around, they would have gained a minimum sympathy of Arab and Muslim countries.

Les Syriens ne sont pas palestiniens
Names of children killed by the army on Friday at Hula near to Homs

Add to that this defect particularly entrenched among those who have made a religion of Zionism: any anti-Zionist, declarative or putative, is absolved of all that he did, everything he does, everything he will, so that false messiahs are now acclaimed. The Syrian president, who also is not a Muslim, but Shiite alaoui – teratogenic sect that believes in reincarnation including God in the person of Ali (may Allah be pleased with him), Caliph and son of the Prophet (peace blessing be upon him) – can not be the one who kill all the children, all these women, all these men. No, this is not possible. He hates Israel too. This can only be a conspiracy.

Les Syriens ne sont pas palestiniens

For months, some tell us that what we see is wrong, everything is a conspiracy by the U.S. and Israel. That they have an interest – which remains to be demonstrated – that the current regime disappears can be heard. But we’re told that the tanks are firing sometimes for days against civilians, that all those children massacred, all those videos, all of these photos, all these stories are just media manipulation!

They need to shut up. Their foolish speeches are just as unbearable as the deadly silence of the international community in general, Arab and Muslim countries in particular.

Les Syriens ne sont pas palestiniens
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So what about all those Muslims who prefer conspiracy to reality blindness to the truth? The Muslim is secured to the oppressed, whatever their religion. He has dogmatically obligation, if not come to his rescue, at least sympathize. Yes, there is in Islam this injunction to empathy toward oppressed, as this injunction against aversion and oppression. Condemn the evil, if only by heart, this is the smallest degree of faith. Still say that if we remember that Syria, ash-Sham, and this blessed land, leased by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), who gave great scholars who have, hundreds of years later always authority and play a unique role in Muslim eschatology?

We are certainly nothing guilty of these mass murders. We did not rely on any trigger, we have not loaded any rifle or direct any char. We would like simply, when the horror images surprises us at the corner of a web page, to act, we have to try to persuade us.

Nevertheless, whether it is about plotters’s shameless remark or our affected indifference, the daily massacre of Syrians reveals disease that eats away our hearts. May we not be among the wrongdoers.

(Translated by Sofia from French : Les Syriens ne sont pas palestiniens)

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Vos réactions (3 commentaires)

  1. sonia [iPhone 4S]    

    salam alikoum,
    quelle triste article, qui reflète une vérité actuelle..
    il est vrai que nous devrions nous pencher sur tout les pzys musulmans en difficulté, car de nos jours ce n est plus une « palestine » mais plusieurs.. que dieu leur vienne en aide et nous permette de les soutenir du mieux que nous pouvons, Amine

  2. Hori    

    Excellent article sur l’indignation à géométrie variable des musulmans. Celle des médias occidentaux ne m’étonne pas mais l’indignation sélective de ceux qui se revendiquent musulmans m’est insupportable. Ils sont trop occupés à cautionner les théories du complot de leurs gourous soraliens et meysanniens.

    Qu’Allah Ta’ala nous guide.

  3. toufik.92 [iPhone 4]    

    « Notre liberté ne sera pas totale sans la liberté des Palestiniens »
    le meilleur hommage qu’on pourrait lui rendre serait de prolonger ses
    Un grand homme nous quitte…mais ses idées restent


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