The Halal fraud of Doux: we write to Al Munajem, his Saoudian partner

Par Al-Kanz

To be out of a difficult position, the French poulterer Doux will find help from his Saoudian partner Al Munajem. Doux is abusing of stamping halal non halal chicken.


Halalgate. In November, the group Doux, still in bankruptcy and in indebted, presents to his employees what he wants to do for the future.

Doux wants to boost his halal fraud

For this occasion, the poulterer told that his first client, the Saoudian group Al Munajem «wants to maintain, and if possible to develop his volume of command, his purchase of poultry and products transformed from poultry».

The Al Munajem group is the importer of the poultry from Doux marked halal abusively for non halal chicken. This poultry are sold in Saudi Arabia and in stores next to the mosquees of Mecca. It is a heresy for million pilgrims who eat haram (non halal) poultry while they go to the Kaaba to worship their Lord.

Doux is a liar to muslim consumers, as Tilly-Sabco or the Salvel society. This society, in 2011 in the Gudfood Forum in Dubai assumed working with the ghost certification to sell false halal. Is it the same for Al Munajem? It is least probable.

Al Munajem, accomplice or a victim?

To understand, you can read below, a comment from serviteur du Donateur, a reader of

“The problem is for some « Muslims » country, they have not enough production capacity to satisfy the “domestic” market inside then they export.
To export, a delegation is provided from the « muslim » country to audit the sites which product a supposedly “halal” material. Then ok, the product day, this production may be halal but the day after it may be not, no guaranties is possible.
Delegation makes an audit as it wants, as a person invites in this country on holiday, to see for 5 minutes the industrial configuration then they go.
So this is a cruelly reality of the halal production for Muslims country ».

Clearly, before they conclude a contract with a European or an American society, the authority of Muslims country sends a delegation which is received by the society. Upstream the visit of the authority, the society prepares the visit and lets think all is corresponding to usual slaughter following the Islamic animal slaughter rites. So the visitor will find, the visit day, that the factory is conformed at the requirements of halal. This is classic in industrial world to dupe the partners of Muslims country. In the Doux case, the ghost certification AFCAI provides sesame to enter in Muslim market.


Another element is here, to dupe Muslims consumers: In Saudi Arabia and in Gulf countries, for a lot of involuntary Muslims, a persistent legend is that France and others occidental countries are countries where “people of the Book” live. The People of the Book (in arabic: أهل الكتاب ‎ ′Ahl al-Kitāb) is a term used to designate non-Muslim adherents to faiths which have a revealed scripture: it is the Jews and Christians. The Quran allows the Muslim to consume their meat providing that the animal is slaughtered by the name of God and “not in anti Islamic rites” as the Sheikh Rajihi in his fatwa against chicken Doux, KFC told. But France is not a Christian country, it’s a laic country

The scholars Saoudi are against the animals slaughtered by the Doux method

The meat provided by “laic people” is not meat from people of the Book. But even if it is, Doux and other make a mechanical slaughter (they cut the neck of the animal by a specific metallic disk instead of the human hand) before this the animals are put in electrified bath (electronarcosis). The electronarcosis is forbidden by the scholarly Saoudi council (ifta). There is a consensus in this subject.

In France, « Salafis » manipulate Muslims by a PDF document in the web relating this method, and make people believe meat issued from this slaughter method is lawful.
It is a real reason as a scholar Saoudi confirmed (we will explain it later incha’a-llah.) this manipulation is to quote a religious opinion for mechanical slaughter, and a religious opinion for electronarcosis after. Separately, these practices are admitted by some Muslims scholar.
But this PDF document does not tell, in French slaughterhouse, especially by Doux and Tilly-Sabco, or plus in Belgian slaughterhouse, certified by Paris Mosque (Vanobel, Fladre, Artislach, etc.) we resort mechanical slaughter and electronarcosis, for a reason easy: we can’t slaughter poultry by mechanical disk without put the poultry in electrified bath.

Alerting Al Munajem

It is a giant fraud. Billion Euros are spent by Muslims countries for importation of poultry benefit from multinational which dupe consumers. We are in a big scandal in international scale, ignored by a big majority of population

Last week, when Rokha, a reader of Al-kanz learned that the Soudian partner of Doux will probably enter in the stake of French poulterer, she decides to write spontaneously to Al Munajem. It is precisely the reflex that everybody has to have.

The company’s obsession even if it is the near butcher or a big company with billions Euros, is if consumers begin to ask questions.

To stop an association or a website like McDonald’s Maroc is doing to Al-Kanz by many people is possible. If millions and millions people react like Rokha spontaneously to ask question to have responses, it is very horrible.
Rokha sent to us the email she sent to Al Munajem. Don’t hesitate to do like her sending your message at the email address: [email protected].

As-salamu aleykoum

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I am writing you regarding the information that your company might acquire 25% stake of the French company Doux.
As a French Muslim woman, it is my duty to warn you on the doings of this company when it comes to halal food. Doux is well-known among the French Muslim community for selling chicken presented as halal when in fact, the slaughtering of those chicken does not respect the halal rules and prescriptions.
Please be aware that by acquiring stake in this company you will be participating in this lie and help Doux deceive millions of Muslims worldwide.
I trust you to take the best decisions. For more information, please check out the following links:
I have no doubt that you will consider seriously the above mentioned information and not go further with this acquisition.

As-salam aleykoum

If you speak arabic or english, you can contact the society by phone at: 00966 1 4807755 or send a message by fax at:00966 1 4826711.

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم والصلاة و السلام على أشرف المرسلين و خاتم الأنبياء محمد بن عبد الله صلى الله عليه و سلم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

إلى السيد الرئيس،
يسرني أن أتوجه لحضرتكم متوكلا على الله وراجيا منه التوفيق.لقد بلغني من الألم ما لا يعلمه إلا الله عندما علمت بأن الدواجن التي تستردونها من شركة « دوو »الفرنسية كلها حرام.
الشركة تزعم أنها تدبح دواجنها على الطريقة الإسلامية و هذا كذب و تدليس على المسلمين.
كمواطن مسلم فرنسي أخبركم أن أغلبية المسلمين في هذا البلد لا يأكلون منتوجاتها لأنهم يعلمون علم اليقين أنها لحرام.
أبرأ ذمتي بإخباركم هذه المصيبة و عندي ثقة في الله أنكم ستقومون باللازم لمنعها كليا.
وإليكم بعض المواقع التي توضح وتأكد الأمر :
وعلموا أنكم ستسألون أمام الله فخشوه إنه خبير عليم.

و السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

It deplorable to be in this situation. Since February 2008, we alarm Doux fraud.
Except for Casino and KFC who react, the halagate continues. The danger is enormous for the entire Bretagne: there is thousand employment which will be destroyed on all the region, because it is an clear, this enormous fraud will be knew by Muslims country with the speed of the information. The French authority knows that. They stop to speak, waiting to cry for the Doux employment, Tilly-Sabco and other fraud to halal when they will be sacrificed.

Translated by Maria from French : Fraude au halal de Doux : écrivons à Al Munajem, son partenaire saoudien .

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