Syria: the army bombards the mosque, the imam dies on the minbar

Par Al-Kanz

The army of the tyrant Bachar Al-Assad bombarded a mosque in full sermon of the imam, who was killed there.

imam syrie
« O Allah, You like beneficials, make us the charity of a victory. Oh You the Lord of the beneficials. Ameen. »

Bachar Al-Assad and his troops put Syria in fire and blood. Son of his father, (who was a bloodthirsty tyrant) this criminal currently in power in Syria, does not hide any more the denominational size of the conflict. Helped by the henchmen of the Hezbollah and the Iranians, the loyalist troops try to put down the Sunni opponents.

We knew that the regular army took itself regularly in the mosques of the country, the mosques as (religious) buildings.

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In the following video, the world has the proof that they also launch attacks against mosques even when they are full. The bombardment took place during the sermon of the weekly prayer of Friday. Watch with care, listen to the believer who’s recording the scene. If you do not understand Arabic, read the transcription at the foot of the video. « Nussayrites » points out the Shiite Alawi minority to which belongs the Syrian dictator. « Rafidhites » most probably points out the Shiites coming from Iran and Lebanon (Hezbollah).

« Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’un. We belong to Allah and it is to Him that we shall return.

Important : for the attention of sick brains who would like to pour the soraliste propaganda between two whiffes of chicha and a « quenelle » : You guys have no right to quote here.

No need thus to come and pollute the comment part of the site. However, I suggest you listen to Alexandre Adler, one of the biggest defenders of the rogue state of Israel and islamopathe licensed which delivers here an old analysis as the Islam, but too fine for those who are passing without any transition from rap music on Skyrock radio to the geopolitics of the Arab Middle East.

Another precision: The tone I take at the address of the sick brains is completely assumed, once again voluntarily scathing and assumed.
Hundreds of thousand civilians were killed in Syria, others try to survive in dreadful conditions. Certain bodies still smoke. Nevertheless, the useful idiots of the Iranian-Syrian Shiism, rocked in complotistes videos of « sheikh YouTube » and poisoned by the Alain Soral’s mercantile propaganda, delight shamelessly on this abominable sadness. Once again this is useless to lecture us by blaming us for the virulence of the used tone. It is nothing in front of the vile violence of these vultures who are still killing children, women and men who had the misfortune to live under a tyrannical system.

Let’s end with some Koranic verses, more particularly the verse 169 of the sura Al Imran.

 » Do not think that those who were killed in the path of Allah died. On the contrary, they are alive, with their Lord, provided well.  »

« Ne pense pas que ceux qui ont été tués dans le sentier d’Allah soient morts. Au contraire, ils sont vivants, auprès de leur Seigneur, bien pourvus. »

To the kind souls who want to help the distressed civilians, let us remind that you can help by getting in touch with humanitarian associations like « Barakacity » and « FisabiliLlah ».

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(Translated from french by Aïcha : Syrie : l’armée bombarde la mosquée, l’imam meurt sur le minbar )

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