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British MP George Galloway Attacked by a Pro-Israel Christian

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Strong supporter of the Palestinian cause and despiser of the Criminal State of Israel, British MP George Galloway has been attacked in London on Friday 31st August.

An Attack in the Name of Israel

According to The Guardian, the MP was attacked on the street while posing for pictures with other people. He was quickly taken to hospital. George Galloway had his jaw broken and suffered numerous bruising.

It appears clearly that the MP was attacked due to his Pro-Palestinian positions. During the assault, the aggressor Neil Masterson mentioned the Holocaust. The 39-year old man -who doesn’t hide his admiration for Israel- has already cursed Islam and warned against it numerous times on Facebook.

« I’d cut his throat myself »

neil masterson israel
©Neil Masterson

After the Catholic Church being a « confederate-in-chief in antisemitism » and an ally of the Nazis, Islam and Muslims are a danger to the Jews, writes Masterson on his Facebook page.

Neil Masterson was charged with « religiously aggravated assault ». He didn’t hide his desire to harm George Galloway… by cutting his throat (« I’d cut his throat myself if I’d dare stoop to the required level).

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Neil Masterson faced his trial in London on Monday 1st September. He pleaded not guilty to assaulting MP George Galloway.

Saved Before It Was Too Late, Galloway Might Have Been Killed

George Galloway thanked the people who saved his life, according to him, on Twitter.

On Twitter again, people wonder at the shy reaction of the media and politicians following this highly reprehensible assault.

True, the agressor isn’t a Muslim. He is a Pro-Israel Christian.

(Translated from French Le député George Galloway violemment agressé par un pro-israélien by Mouna M.)

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