Camel Milk At a Coffee Shop Or in a Bottle

Since we are in Dubai for the WIEF, we’ ve had the opportunity to taste camel milk for the very first time.

Surely, to primary goal of our stay in the UAE – Dubai, more precisely – is to attend the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF). However, here’s at least one more reason: discovering camel milk.

Camel milk might interest you if you are of those people who don’t eat or drink dairy products, if you are pretty sure you’re not a calf (for cow milk) or you think the human body isn’t meant to digest dairy based products.

Camel milk is known for containing lots of calcium, iron, vitamin C, and having less fat in it than regular cow milk, which is in fact hardly digestible to man. Two researchers actually told Youphil website that «It is a rich and natural product, with similar caracteristics to insuline, which is used to cure diabetes

« Camel milk fat is highly digestible », said the Center of Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD).

So we’ve tasted camel milk. You can get it very easily in Dubai, in regular supermarkets. The bottle that can be seen on the photo is AED 7.5, that would be around €1.66 (€1 currently is AED 4.5). It contains 500 ml, half a litre. In order to get the price per litre, you just need to double the price, so that’s AED 15 per litre.

Translation: @MyMonthlyMiswak kindly advised us to get #camelmilk from supermarkets #Dubai.
We’ve also tasted it at The Majliss coffee shop, sister brand of Al-Nassma, a camel milk chocolate brand.

Camel milk can also be drunk as a cappuccino, cow milk being replaced with camel milk. It costs AED 20, about €4.4.

You can also have plain milk, hot or cold, for AED 22, €4.8. That’s a little expensive for drinking every day, but it can be a good thing to try it out when you don’t know where to find it in supermarkets.

Translation: I usually hate raw cow milk, but I’m amazed at the taste of raw camel milk! #Dubai

You probably wonder what it tastes like. It’s kind of like coconut milk, hardly sweet, some even may say it has some « salty » taste to it. Cow milk can easily cause retchings and lead to throw up, this milk doesn’t. It is smooth and could be even smoother with added stevia or agave syrup.
Those of you with a sweet tooth can drink their coffee or hot chocolate with camel milk cookies, or even buy chocolate boxes to bring back home.

Translation: I just took a photo for those of you who have a sweet tooth, which I’m don’t. All containing camel milk

If you don’t have that much of a sweet tooth, or less money to spend, you can get a plain camel milk chocolate bar for AED 29, €6,4. With such a price, you’re pretty sure not to have a chocolate overdose ^^.

Translation: « @GhislaineCo : @Alkanz they make cow milk chocolate. The brand is called Al Nassma I believe»

To finish, for those gourmet geeks out there, just like in many other places, at The Majliss, you scroll the menu on iPads.

Translation: Menu on iPads, not paper #TheMajliss

For more information about Al-Nassma, you can visit the brand’s official website :

[Translated from French « Lait de chamelle : en bouteille ou en terrasse » by Mouna M.]

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  1. saphia [iPhone 4]    

    Excellent ce lait de chamelle qui extrêmement léger par contre attention à la DLC ultra rapide

  2. Un frère    

    Thanks a lot or this english translation.
    I am able now to share those articles with my english speaking relatives and friends !

  3. hakim    

    Le lait de chamelle est excellent pour beaucoup de maux, mais je pense qu’on est entrain de le sortir de son contexte car pour qu’il soit efficace il faut le boire après l’avoir trait et faire des cures c’est a dire ne faire que boire ce lait durant un tant donne on y ajoutant un peu d’urine a chaque fois.
    prophète salla allahou alayhi wa sallam a dit au gens malade dans le hadith de suivre les chamelles et consommer de leur lait et urine jusqu’à guérison.
    Wallahou a’lam


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