Mcoffins: Die Eco-Friendly, Towards Mecca

In France, being buried directly into the ground is forbidden. Muslim entrepreneurs are willing to change that.


In Islam, the dead are buried without a coffin, just wrapped up in a cloth. In France as well as in other non-Muslim countries, it is impossible to be burried that way. The coffin is an obligation. The body can’t be in contact with the ground. Actually, it was so untill the Mcoffin’s developers came up with a biodegradable coffin. Here’s a translation of what can be read on their website:

In non-Muslim countries, it is forbidden to burry the dead direclty in contact with the ground, without using a coffin. This is why the first thing Mcoffins worked on was to find a solution for the body to eventually be in contact with the ground in less than a year, thanks to biodegradable coffins. In fact, using highly biodegradable material allows us to garantee you to return to the earth in less than a year.

If you are a loyal reader of ours, you know we love to discover and present you entrepreneurship initiatives. It was a surprise for us to discover Mcoffins by simply browsing the Internet and so we invite you to watch this fun video presentation.

For more information, you can visit their official website:

Happy death everyone.

[Translated from French ‘Mcoffins : une mort écologique, tourné vers La Mecque’ by Mouna M.]

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