Daily Islamophobia

Islamophobia. You take the train to go to work, and you find a violent islamophobic writing.

islam croix gammee RER

Islamophobia. The above photo was taken by someone living in the Paris area. Those who are used to taking public transport will recognize the inside of an RER (Greater Paris area train). We’ve hidden the two passangers’ faces, but look at the photo just like it were not the case. This is just an ordinary trip by train or metro (Paris subway). And then there’s this islamophobic writing.

The scene makes us that much more shiver because it is precisely taking place inside of our daily grind and has now become commonplace. The tag associates Islam and Nazism, a linkage which has become usual among extreme right-wing sympathizers – or, as seen during last summer, fiercely pro-Israeli supporters.

So it is a duty to all of us never to accept that this hate becomes commonplace.

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