Martyred Gaza: What’s Left Of Last Summer’s Mobilization?

When Gaza was fiercely attacked, a lot of people started to take action. But what is left today?

We often receive photos taken by our readers, either in the streets, in supermarkets, at work, etc. Searching through our email, we found the following picture sent in by Samir, a reader of Al-Kanz. It was taken on July 20, 2014 while Gaza was being martyred by the Criminal State of Israel.

Our Seine-Saint-Denis readers (near Paris) should recognize the Rose des Vents neighborhood in Aulnay-sous-Bois, and the Galion 3000 mall. A huge Palestinian flag has been displayed on a building. France and international mobilization was huge.

Unfortunately, just like everytime something similar happens, it all fades away once the wounded’s blood has dried and the bodies of the dead have become cold. Where are the tens of thousands of French people that went to the streets last summer?

One of the tragedies of demonstrations – and petitions – is that the ones who are demonstrating for a day are convinced that they have sincerely defended their cause. But what is a mobilization that almost ends once you put your signs back into your backpack and go home really worth? It has to be in the long run.

We all really should examine our conscience or at least review our commitments. And go back to the prophetic teachings: the most beloved deed to God is the most regular and constant, even though it were little, teaches us the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Let’s act in the long term. Let’s act every single day as much as we can to keep in the long run. That’s how we are going to change the world with God’s permission. And the state of the oppressed people accross the world. Not just Palestinians.

[Translated from French ‘Gaza martyrisée : que reste-t-il de la mobilisation de cet été ?’ by Mouna M.]

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