Inside a Doux Slaughterhouse: Who Will Dare To Say This Is Truly Halal?

The government is glad to give Doux financial support, whereas the risk of a huge scandal happening has never been as high. Fraud thereby is endorsed.

The following is a short excerpt of a video – taken in one of Doux‘s slaughterhouses – in which you can see chickens on a slaughter line, heads down.

A Slaughtering Procedure Willingly Concealed From Muslims

The animals are dropped into electrified water, and are then placed onto a circular disc which is meant to replace the human hand during the slaughter.

It is in fact a mechanical slaughter which happened after electronarcosis. It is the very same procedure the Evry and Paris mosque certifications tolerate, which they are kind of confidential about because they don’t want Muslims to find out. We advise you to stay away from it if you want to make sure your food is Halal.

First off, we’d like to share this short video. We are going to proceed in stages in order for everybody to really understand what makes this so-called Halal procedure incompatible with true Halal Islamic principles. It doesn’t even fit the scholars’ opinion who tolerate mechanical slaughter – and they tolerate only that, which is just a small portion of the long process of slaughtering an animal.

You can easily see the ‘Halal’ and ‘qiblah’ posters that have been put there on purpose so as to halalify this slaughter line, which is identical to other non-Halal ones.

Beware of Confusion and Misinformation

For a few years now, young people have been copy/pasting translations of fatwahs which are answers to very specific questions. They are promoting the idea that Doux and Carrefour are producing Halal food, whereas they don’t know anything about slaughterhouses, in France or elsewhere. Their goal is to protect Saudi Arabia, which is being inundated with Halal-labelled non-Halal chickens. So they just list a series of fatwahs without actually trying to figure out if they reflect the facts.

Let’s take just one example: these young people usually quote two fatwahs. The first one (1) tolerates mechanical slaughter. The second one (2) tolerates electronarcosis. They mix these two and conclude that Doux chicken, KFC and Mc Donald’s are halal. The problem is, these two fatwahs don’t add up.

In other words, the scholars who issued these fatwahs didn’t mean that a mechanically slaughtered chicken that has undergone electronarcosis as well is Halal. Actually, to our knowledge, there is no serious fatwah issued by a serious scholar, that tolerates the use of both electronarcosis and a mechanical disc. Is there any? Anyways, here’s the video for now, and we’ll be back with some more explainations later inshaAllah.

Does Doux Want To Silence Al-Kanz?

A weird coincidence happened last week on Twitter. Employees of the chicken industry – Doux employees? – attacked us on social media. Purposely ignoring the heart of the problem, they were trying to spread the idea that Al-Kanz is in reality Doux’s competition, trying to harm them.

Ironically, same vain attempts from Saudis, some even mentioning me receiving bribes and writing articles without any knowledge of Halal industry.

If anyone ever gets their hands on this bribe, please feel free to donate…

This is all due to AlMunajem’s nervousness – a Saudi partner of Doux – which is clearly participating in a fraud that has been going on for years. AlMunajem’s leaders are totally aware of the Halal fraud which they support, but are afraid it may go public. Saudi customers are convinced that Doux and AlMunajem are selling Halal chicken because the company is empowered by the country’s authorities, in which they naturally trust.

However, Doux should use common sense. On the day the fraud will go public, the whole French meat industry will be hit by a major scandal. It is about time French authorities intervene in order to save thousands of jobs in Bretagne (Western France) – which houses Doux’s headquarters – and elsewhere, which could get lost just because of some greedy entrepreneurs’ carelessness.

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  1. karim[SM-N910C]    

    the problem and shame is not on doux but rather on the arabian compagnies which allowed this morals treason

  2. Abu sohaib[SM-T230]    

    The muslims have to be very careful in what they eat. What we see here in France, the big majority of muslims don’t care of the origines of halal’s certificat issued by Paris’s mosque


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