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Grande-Bretagne : plus de 87 000 incidents racistes recensés dans les écoles

Les chiffres donnent le tournis et inquiètent. Plus de 87 000 actes incidents à caractère raciste ont été recensés dans les écoles de Grande-Bretagne entre 2007 et 2011. Première ville concernée, Birmingham.

L’islamophobie grandissante dans certaines régions explique en partie ces chiffres.

“We are seeing a real increase in racism in some areas which is down to factors like a growth of Islamaphobia in society which is filtering into classrooms,” said Ms Soyei.

“Racism towards eastern European and gypsy and traveller communities is also on the increase,” she added.

Teaching unions say the key to tackling the problem in schools is through education for both teachers and students.

Charities have been delivering anti-racism lessons in schools across the country in an attempt to educate young people against racism.

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