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Muhammad in the top 100 of first names in USA

The American website BabyCenter wrote yesterday his 100 first names common in USA. The Muhammad firstname (or Mohamed, like writing in French) is for the first time in the 100 first firstnames of boys

Muhammad is in the 70th position, regarding Babycenter website [1].

muhammad name USA 3

The BabyCenter website provides for each name more details. For the Muhammad firstname, we can see in the following table, it just progressed since few years.

muhammad name USA 2

The evolution is more seen in the following graph.

muhammad name USA

In Last August, the Muhammad firstname came in the top 100 first names in Australia, with an other arab name Ali.

Muhammad Ali Australie
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Few months after, in August, we knew the Muhammad first name was nearly in the top of the list of first name in London.

In Paris, this firstname is in the 100 firstnames the more given [5].

Translated by Maria from French : Muhammad dans le top 100 des prénoms aux Etats-Unis [6].