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Spirit of Christmas: Cuddly toys on sale in… Guantánamo

Indeed Guantánamo is a detention camp for Muslims, but Guantánamo is also the place where gaolers are living. Now when you live in United States, you go shopping. And « shopping » means « items to be bought ».

On Twitter, Zeke Johnson (president of the American offices of Amnesty International), committed for years against this illegal camp, published a photo which says the vile: Cuddly vultures wearing a Santa hat on which we can read « Guantánamo Bay, Cuba » on their breast. We asked him confirmation.

Charming, is’nt it? For Christmas, soldiers who are keeping the prisoners of Guantánamo (who are released sparingly by the Obama’s administration after years of detention without trial nor even loads against them) can return home and offer an attractive cuddly toy to their children.

Let us remind that Guantánamo, is this jail where we violently fill up the hunger strikers according to a practice which seems to be a real torture.

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Never forget, testify, say, do not keep silent.

(Translated by Aïcha from French : Esprit de Noël : peluches souvenirs en vente à… Guantanamo [8]