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If France or USA were Israel, this is what it would look like

If the Criminal State of Israel -ruled by the extreme right wing party- perpetrating massacres and destroying everyting in Paestine, it is absolutely not because of Hamas. War Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu intends to wipe Palestine off the map.

colonisation de 1946 a nos jours [1]

Lire – The one and only reason why Israel is destroying and killing in Palestine [2]

Manuel Valls (Prime Minister of France) and François Hollande have decided to turn France into a branch of Israel. The French people though wouldn’t accept the same fate for France than Palestine. Take a look at this :

trad. tweet : What would you do Mr. Hollande ? Would Israel still have the right to defend itself ?

The American people wouldn’t.

trad. tweet : If the USA were Palestine, this is what Israel would look like today.

To find out what other countries would look like if Israel had sucked up their territory -just like they did in Palestine-, visit this website : www.whatifisraelwasin.com [10]. Or click the following picture.

what if israel [10]

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