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[Oummapower] Real Keffiyehs Straight From Palestine (Limited Stock)

This is a company and products that we should all support. By company, I mean Solivr and by products, I mean keffiyehs that are made in Palestine.

Oummapower: Customers and Companies

Our Oummapower section aims at gathering customers around entrepreneurs who have an interesting project, and creating a vertuous circle in which customers support the entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, it all comes down to strengthening the Muslims’ economic power and generating wealth hence jobs.

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It has become quite natural now to donate to NGOs that are helping in Palestine. But it’s about time we think about solidarity through economic support. Solivr is a company dedicated to fair trade. It has been selling real keffiyehs made in Palestine for years -not made in China unlike pretty much all of the rest that is being sold in France.

Buying keffiyehs, Nablus soap [6], Majhul dates [7], etc. that are all made in Palestine means supporting the Palestinian economy. It means allowing Palestinians to make a living out of their work, and getting their lost dignity back.

A real keffiyeh costs 13 euros. That’s for sure more expensive than the Chinese ones [8]. But solidarity should also happen by committing to buying certain things. A company like Solivr should be selling thousands of keffiyehs a month, which is not the case. Not yet, right? Not yet because it’s all going to change thanks to you all, the Al-Kanz Community. You are going to buy one, two, three keffiyehs at the price of €13 today, reminding yourself that this will allow the Palestinians to experience a brighter future.

One, two, three, or even more, once you’ll have browsed through all of these photos ;). Boycotting Israel is good. But buying Palestinian products while boycotting is even better! Click on the following photos to access the Solivr online store.

keffieh-blue [9]

keffieh-brown [9]

keffieh-green [9]

keffieh-kaki [9]

keffieh-purple [9]

Do visit the Solivr website and share the link with your contacts, please: http://www.solivr.fr [10].

(Translated from French [Oummapower] De vrais keffiehs de Palestine vous attendent (stock limité) [11] by Mouna M. [12])