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French Supermarket Chain Auchan Sells Machine Gun With Star and Crescent On It

auchan mitraillette

Unusual. « Everything 1 euro », this is the deal that French Supermarket chain Auchan [1] is offering for toys and children books.

One euro for teddy bear flowers, a set of rings, books with rigid pages for babies, toy horses, little cars.

And one euro for a machine gun… which since last weekend has caused surprise and irritation on Twitter [2].

Its reference 454347 rhymes perfectly with AK-47. Here it is. Take a look just above the trigger. You can see a crescent and a star, both symbols of Muslim countries’ flags. Some people even see a sabre, below the first too.

mitraillette Auchan

This machine gun looks like a Kalashnikov. It may be a replica of a weapon used by some Muslim country’s regular army. In fact, it reads « Combat force » on the magazine.

mitraillette auchan zoom

Beyond the debate about having weapons as toys, should we show concern that diversity expresses itself in such a way ? The question is open.

[Translated from French Auchan t’offre une mitraillette frappée de l’étoile et du croissant [3], by Mouna M. [4]]