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Easi Up: The Children Got their Interactive Blackboards

Do you remember the crowdfunding campaign for Rhazès school, located in Vigneux-sur-Seine, in France? It was about giving this private school the opportunity to have two or three interactive blackboards. The project and the fundraising both were presented on the Easi Up crowdfunding platform [1].

We are now a few months after the successful crowdfunding campaign, and the blackboards have finally arrived at Rhazès school. The assigned classrooms have now been equiped. The cute little children wanted to share their happiness with us all. Enjoy!

easi up tni rhazes [2]

Translation: A big “thank you” from Rhazès school to @easiup @alkanz #crowdfunding

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[Translated from French “Easi Up : les enfants ont leurs tableaux numériques interactifs [4]” by Mouna M. [5]]