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Five Months Left Till Ramadan 2016

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The month of Ramadan 2016 [2] – 1437 should begin around Monday June 6th in sha Llah. Observing the sky and seeking the crescent – which is compulsory in Islam in order to determine the first day of each month – will be done on the night of 29 Sha’ban.

Observing The Sky Is Compulsory

Let’s get rid of an opinion that has become controversial since the political manipulation of the annoucement of the beginning of Ramadan. What about the other months? It is prohibited to abandon lunar observation. Why?
Those who have some sort of Islamic knowledge and aren’t just simply satisfied with opportunistic groundless statements know it. What makes fasting complulsory is the actual observation of the lunar crescent or the completion of the month previous to it, if the moon has not been sighted.

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It’s not even about right or wrong, or just having an ‘opinion’. How can anyone possibly dare ‘having an opinion’ about it, just like you have an opinion on a soccer game or TV series? Also, how can anyone comment without ever opening an Islamic studies book or just out of partisanship?

Let’s Prepare Now!

A portion of next Ramadan is going to take place during the summer. The days will be long and most likely hot.

Starting to Fast

Many Muslims will fast while passing their exams, in particular baccalaureate (high school diploma). Instead of freaking out – which won’t help with anything – why not start preparing now to take advantage of the shorter days?
It could also be very beneficial to follow the Prophetic way of fasting 2 days a week, Mondays and Thursdays, in the long term. One can fast during the three monthly ‘white days’ as well. Some Muslims have been practicing this for years, throughout the seasons. Fasting during Ramadan becomes way easier for them than for those who never fast outside of it.

Reading Quran Daily

The month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran. However, while reading the Quran should be a daily activity throughout the year, it is not unusual for people to neglect the Holy Book even during this blessed month.
Still, it is understandable that reading 600 pages within 30 days can be hard when you are not used to reading during the rest of the year. In this case, again, why not start reading the Quran daily, now? One page a day, then two, three, until you make it to 20 pages a day, which will ensure the completion of Allah’s Book by the end of Ramadan in sha Llah.


Fasting, reading the Quran, but also doing good and taking action to help the poor. During the month of Ramadan, charities like Au Cœur de la Précarité [4] or your local mosque’s association will strive everyday to serve a meal to the poor, at the time of Iftar (end of the fast).
By getting involved in a charity today, you will bring your fresh energy and enthusiasm at a time when it’ll be less burdensome for the team welcoming you, than if you showed up during Ramadan. Also, you will still have six more months to prepare in order to be as efficient as possible.
So these were three big personal aspects you can challenge now if you want to optimize next Ramadan. If you can think of any more, feel free to share them in the comments section below.