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The 16th July 2007, Sun = Qibla. Let’s talk about it!

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Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. One of the conditions for its validity is to turn towards the Kaaba which is located in Mekka.

Every muslim must turn towards Mekka during the prayer (salat) but it’s not always easy to find the exact direction (the qiblah).

In less than ten days, on Monday 16th July, the sun will be exactly over the Kaaba. At this moment, looking at the sun, everyone will be able to confirm or correct the direction he faces in each prayer. This is a great event!

That’s why we invite you to transmit this information to your mosques (for instance, you can print this article and put it at the mosque entry), your associations, your blogs, in forums and to your e-mail contacts.

If you participate in forums, you can use this image as an avatar or in your signature:

Soleil Qibla 16 juillet 2007

The image address is: or this banner :

sun qibla july 2007

The banner address is:

And on the D day, put your heads outside, go out in your garden, stop your car, go down and look at the sun (don’t forget to protect your eyes). You will then know with certainty where the qiblah is. This will be an unforgetable moment!

For the time being, if you want to transmit the information through your blog or a forum, copy this code:


The image will appear as well as the link to our article concerning this particular day. The readers will find some explanation.

Think about programming an alert on your mobile Votre navigateur ne gère peut-être pas l’affichage de cette image.. Put a post-it on your desk, tell the news to your imam and talk about it with your relatives.

On july 16th, don’t hesitate to tell us if you have been praying towards the good direction up to nowVotre navigateur ne gère peut-être pas l’affichage de cette image.. If you have any ideas of how could people be informed before this day, please let us know by writing a comment after this article. There is no need to remind you of the great reward for each of us as such an information will surely enable many muslims to check and maybe correct their qiblah.


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