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Nokia et ramadan : communiqué de presse

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Ramadan 2009/1430. Nous vous l’annoncions avec une petite semaine d’avance (Ramadan 2009 : Nokia remet ça). Nokia vient de publier le communiqué de presse annonçant le lancement de la campagne Ramadan 2009.

New Ramadan Applications 2009 now available on Nokia’s Ovi Store

August 12, 2009

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 11th 2009 – Nokia announced that its Ramadan applications for 2009 have now become available on Ovi Store. The updated free mobile applications tailored for the Holy Month of Ramadan can now be downloaded on the compatible Nokia devices directly from Nokia’s Ovi Store.

“Last year’s applications were very well received, as we saw over 2.4 million Ramadan applications downloaded. And based on the feedback we have received from Nokia consumers, we have further enhanced the offering this year to include additional applications as well as upgrades to some of the existing features. The applications this year also support a wider range of devices, to include both touch and non-touch Nokia devices,” said Chris Braam, Vice President, Sales, Nokia Middle East and Africa.

He added, “Ramadan applications for 2009 are free and join a variety of content on the Ovi Store ready to be downloaded and enjoyed. Ovi Store has paid and free content from a range of global and local content providers intended to be a friendly, locally-relevant store for the widest range of devices.”

Users can launch Ovi Store from the Download! folder on the main menu on their Nokia device or access on the PC.

This year’s Ramadan applications are feature packed, and include the Holy Quran, Prayer Times, Hadeeth, Zakah Calculator, Mozzaker, Hajj and Umrah and Cards. New features include Quran recitation from multiple recitors, which users can choose to download based on their preference and in MP3 form. Prayer timings and Qibla direction are provided for 1000 cities in 200 countries, along with the ability to add, remove, update and edit any location using the GPS. The new Zakah Calculator helps Muslims calculate Zakah based on their income.

The Ramadan applications are developed by ASGATech, a Forum Nokia Premium Partner in the Middle East, with all content reviewed and approved by Al Azhar Al Shareef.

ASGATech CEO, Ali Helmy, said, “We have been developing applications for Nokia since 2006, which has given us an easy way to distribute our mobile applications to millions of consumers. By having our applications on Ovi Store this year, we are able to further extend our reach into the growing mobile applications market in the Middle East.”

Nokia 2009 Ramadan Applications include the following:

* The Holy Quran: allows users to read, search, bookmark and listen to Quran recitation
* Prayer Times: provides prayer timings and Qibla direction for 1000 cities in 200 countries, along with the ability to add, remove, update and edit any location using the GPS
* Hadeeth: gives an easy and convenient way to read the Honorable Hadeeth from Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Riyad us-Saliheen, Holy Hadeeths and Arba’in An Nawawi
* Zakah Calculator: helps Muslims calculate Zakah on different kinds of income
* Hajj and Umrah: offers a mobile guide with multimedia content and the most famous places that people can visit during Hajj and Umrah
* Mozzaker: allows mobile users to listen, search and translate a large collection of of daily Azkar and selected supplications. People can also download more Azkar and share via SMS and MMS with friends and family
* Cards: helps users create their own Mobile Greeting Cards for different occasions and send them to family and friends via SMS or MMS

For more information please contact:

Tala Toukan
Communications Manager, Lower Gulf
Nokia Middle East and Africa
Tel: +971 4 369 7600

Omnia Samra
Consultant for Nokia,
Impact Porter Novelli
Tel.: +9714 330 4030 Ext.: 416
Consultant for Nokia,
Impact Porter Novelli
Tel.: +9714 330 4030 Ext.: 416

Nous n’avons pas réussi à télécharger les applications ramadan sur la plateforme OVI. Si l’un(e) d’entre vous y arrive qu’il nous montre la procédure à suivre. Merci.

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7 Commentaires

  1. Salam aaleykoum,

    Step 1: Click on download to launch the Ovi Store.
    Step 2: Register for an Ovi account or sign in.
    Step 3: Click on the link in the SMS sent to your Nokia.
    Step 4: Follow the link to complete the download.

    Wa salem aaleykoum

  2. Essalem alaikou,

    Al-Kanz: ton tel doit être compatible, tu te connecte sur ton compte Ovi et ensuite tu clique sur Download qui charge la page avec les bons paramètres qui vont bien 🙂

    Wallahou Aalam !


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