"There was YOUR little ship" Operation

Israel refuses any aid for the Gazan population that would try to reach Gaza’s coast directly. However, to show their « cooperation », the Israeli authorities promised to deliver the aid carried by the ships that dock in their shores. A boat for Gaza? No. A boat for Gaza via Israel? Yes. Very well.  Let’s take Israel at its word and send to it, happily, each one of us, a boat. How ? Simple.

« There was YOUR little ship » Operation

With the help of the Bdouin editions (www.bdouin.com), a boat to be customized has been put at everyone’s disposal. You just need to download the image below (or PDF) and cut the boat. Then add a message for the Israeli authorities. Finally, send it in an envelope either to Israel directly, or to the Israeli embassy of your country. We recommend you to send it to both. Here is the Israeli Prime Minister’s address and a link to find your Israel embassy’s one:

1- Download the image below

2- Cut the ship

3- Customize it as you wish

4- Take a picture of your master piece and send it to us : webmaster @al-kanz.org

5- Put the ship in a stamped envelope

6- Send it to your Israeli Embassy and to Israeli Prime Minister:

Your nearest Israeli Embassy

Israeli Embassies/Consulates Abroad : http://www.embassiesabroad.com/embassies-of/Israel

Prime Minister
3 Kaplan St. Hakirya
Jerusalem 91950

Here are some recommendations concerning the message

– Be brief, concise and clear

- Avoid aggressive messages

- Prefer ironic messages

– Don’t be insulting

The best would be to print several boats and organize a coloring session with your friends and family (think of sending the boats separately of course). Don’t forget to involve your children, they should appreciate the exercise, and it would be an excellent occasion to increase their awareness about what’s happening outside, especially in Palestine.

Click on the image to enlarge, print, and sail little ship!

You can also download the PDF format of the image on this link : There was YOUR little ship (PDF). Hey, don’t forget to send us a picture of your boat; we’ll publish a photo gallery where we would post the pictures of our huge flotilla.

Support the operation, spread the information

As you did for the Black Ribbon for Gaza operation, spread the information on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, by mail, etc.


Here are few banners you can use to raise awareness everywhere you can. Encourage people to join us, and let’s flood Israel with our vessels, to show them we won’t abandon Gaza, we won’t abandon Palestine.

envoie ton bateau à Gaza

envoie ton bateau à Gaza

envoie ton bateau à Gaza

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(Translated by Amoona M.)